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Accelerate the development of your Mobile & Web Products with Europe's top React Native, TypeScript, Node & ReactJS engineers.

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Norsk Guardian

Norsk Guardian

Follow up your batteries in your phone

Norsk Guardian is an app that has a unique ability to monitor your boat's battery charge and thereby make your trips on the water safe.

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Build your Product

Have a product idea and nobody to start building it? We’re your team.

With our experience we'll co-create and deliver a Web or Mobile product with you. Regardless if you only have an idea or ready UI designs — we'll manage the entire product development life cycle.

Our Process$28 000 000 invested in companies we’ve worked with





Extend and Speed up your Dev-Process

Need to scale up your team or look for a specific expertise?

Whether React.JS or QA - a dedicated remote team of experienced rockstars will extend your team with the relevant expertise for your project. From one Developer to complete Scrum teams.

Our Process

Client C-Level


Client PM

SM Dev

SM Dev

Client Dev

Yes, we can help you with that.

Mobile Development

Our key competence is building Apps with a user-centered native UX. React Native is the framework, which allows us to make this magic happen on both iOS & Android.

Mobile Development

Web Development

We develop scalable Web Applications with well-tested React front-End, which allows our clients to reach customers & users across all platforms.

Web Development


PoC for the next Investor Pitch? Fixed-Price MVP for validating Product-Market Fit? Whatever stage you're at - we're on the same wavelength to solve your challenges.


Digital Product for SME

Need to create a Mobile or Web App for digitizing & automating business processes? We know how to build a scalable and well-tested Product for your business.

Digital Product for SME

Driven by amazing Technologies

Stormotion, why are you so special?

Your Partner in Crime

Whether startup or SME. We speak the same language and empathize with you to solve your business and tech-challenges.

Well-Established Process

Developing a Digital Product is hard. We know the right execution formula and will share our process and experience with you.


No blind following of your instructions. We co-create the product together with you and think outside the box to meet your goals.

We often work with

HealthCare, Fitness & Sport

Together with our clients, we deliver top Mobile and Web Apps for the Fitness industry. Our expertise ranges from building on-demand Fitness Streaming products to classical Nutrition & Workout Apps. We can also help you with third-party Fitness Integrations: whether it’s BLE-based wearables like heart-rate monitors, cadence sensors or services like Google Fit and Apple Health.

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Our Clients Trust Us

Stormotion client David Lesser, CEO from [object Object]

They were a delight to work with. And they delivered the product we wanted. Stormotion fostered an enjoyable work atmosphere and focused on delivering a bug-free solution.

David Lesser, CEO


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